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Dentist Journal

Tips for Preparing Your Child for Their First Dental Check-Up

Your child’s first dental check-up is an important milestone in the ongoing care of their dental health. Ensuring your child has healthy teeth and gums from a very young age can ensure they don’t suffer from issues in the future. Your child’s first dental appointment should be on or before their first birthday. In preparing for their first check up, there are a few things that you should think about first.

Check The Dentist is Comfortable Seeing Your Child

When thinking about your child’s first dentist visit, you might automatically think to call your regular dentist. However, the dentist that you usually visit may not be comfortable or very familiar with working with infants. A good idea is to call the dentist’s office and get them to recommend a dentist that is used to working with infants. The more familiar they are with infant check-ups, the more comfortable your child will be.

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Come Prepared with Questions to Ask

It is important to encourage good oral health in children from a very young age. This means that you should prepare a list of questions that you’d like to ask the dentist about oral care for your child before you attend the appointment.
This is a lot easier than if you find that you have other questions that crop up after the appointment.

Consider Taking Another Person Along to The Appointment

A partner, older sibling, family member or trusted friend is a good support person to take along to your appointment with you. Not only can they make your child feel more at home, they may also be able to ask questions of the dentist that you don’t think of. If possible, a second person at the appointment makes for a sound decision.

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Take a Few Toys With You

Since your child’s first dental check-up will be an unfamiliar, and possible awkward experience for them, it is a good idea to bring some distractions along with you to make them feel more comfortable. Taking in a few toys to make them feel better can be a good way to cheer them up if they start to cry.
If they have a favourite blanket or outfit this may also be a good one to bring along with them to make them feel more at home.
A first check up can be made a lot easier on both you and bubby taking these things into consideration. If you would like to book an appointment for your child for their first visit, consider our family friendly Dental clinic Maroubra. We can help the appointment to go smoothly for both you and your child.