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Custom Fitted Mouthguard

Mouth guards are a custom fitted covering to protect your teeth from injury through teeth grinding and from sports. A properly fitted mouth guard, or mouth protector, is an important piece of gear for the athlete or thrill seeker to protect their teeth and smile. Made specifically for you by your dentist, our mouth guards far surpass those you can buy at the local chemist and are made from material that is more durable. Sport, leisure and recreational activities are the most common cause of dental injuries that can often be very painful and require extensive treatment. Mouthguards provide a valuable layer of protection for your teeth during physical activities that carry a risk of dental injury.

Mouth-guards help protect teeth even in non-contact sports, such as gymnastics. Many experts recommend that a mouth guard be worn for any recreational activity that poses a risk of injury to the mouth. Mouth guards provide protection against facial sporting injuries and play an important role as they contribute significantly to safety in sports.

Why should you use a custom fitted mouthguard?

  • Provide you far more protection and comfort than a standard mouth guard does
  • Prevent most potential oral/dental injuries
  • Can be used by children as well as adults
  • Can also be worn over dentures
  • Can be used for any game or sport
  • Are comfortable to wear, have good retention and fit
  • Cause minimal interference of speech and breathing
  • Provide for clearer speaking during use
  • Made of durable materials that can withstand significant use

We can also create mouth guards to protect your teeth from damage caused by grinding. Whether you suffer from misaligned jaws, teeth that do not touch in the right place or simply grind when under heavy stress we can make a mouth guard that is minimally invasive to wear at night.
Whilst a mouth guard will not cure your grinding, it can protect your teeth for the time being whilst the underlying cause of grinding is investigated. We can help you determine possible causes and discuss treatment options to support you and protect your smile.

A custom mouth guard will keep your smile perfect on, and off, the sporting field. To find out more on how our dental clinic in Maroubra can help you get the best fit, speak to us today.

Custom Fitted Mouthguard Faqs

Yes, because your mouthguard is custom made using a dental mould of your mouth you will be able to talk perfectly while wearing the mouthguard.

Chemist /sport store generic mouthguards are not made for the uniqueness of your own mouth, whereas custom made mouth guards are constructed off a mould of your teeth which help them fit securely. The Australian Dental Association strongly recommend the use of custom fitted mouthguards as these give your teeth the best chance of protection from being hit by either another individual or sporting equipment.

After each use rinse your mouthguard in cold water. When you get home use your toothbrush to gently clean it with cool water to remove the saliva and any food debris. Do not use toothpaste or other cleaning products as they may affect the material. Do not use hot water as this might change the shape of your mouthguard. A quick rinse with a non-alcoholic mouthwash will keep it tasting and smelling fresh.

If you have braces you can still wear a mouthguard. In fact, it is doubly important to wear one if you have orthodontics. A mouth injury to someone wearing braces is more than just a typical injury. Braces can come loose and become a choking hazard. The edges of the brackets can cut the inside of the lips and gums, causing additional injury.

Yes. It is of paramount importance to protect your child’s teeth whether they are ‘baby’ or adult. Mouth guards should be updated once every 12 months to make sure your child’s teeth are protected and to have a mouthpiece that is the right size.

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Belinda Hoban
A great team really cares about you!
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Aleksander Bacal
Highly skilled and caring staff that provides very good service
Nicholas Drozdowski
Nicholas Drozdowski
I’ve been going to this place for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a great experience here and all of the staff and dentists are friendly and awesome. Would definitely recommend!!!
Brenda Briand
Brenda Briand
Dental Avenue is the best dental practice I have ever been too. Everything about the experience is amazing, from the lovely front reception plus the nurses and dentists. Top tip, if you are looking for the most caring, gentle and just all round great human, Dr Edward Chin is an amazing dentist. Myself and my two children see him and he’s so wonderful with the kids. I also had to have an intense extraction and he was the best. 1000% recommend. Bonus - There is also free parking across the road.
Jennifer Murillo
Jennifer Murillo
Dr Ed Chin and the whole team at Dental Avenue Maroubra delivers a positive dental experience for my daughter who is so scared of the dentist. Dr Chin is professional and highly skilled. He is passionate about his job and our family’s oral health has been well taken care of by the whole team at Dental Avenue Maroubra.
Maria S
Maria S
A thoroughly professional & personalised experience. The entire team are wonderful! The Dentist, Edward Chin is amazing at what he does. He is very gentle and explains everything from start to finish. I no longer dread a visit to the dentist. I highly recommend this place.
Beverly Eguchi
Beverly Eguchi
Thank you to the lovely team at Dental Avenue! I was so impressed through the care, kindness and professionalism shown by Dr Ryan. She made the whole experience so positive. I’m happy to have found a practice with such welcoming, warm and dedicated staff.
Dan Mather
Dan Mather
Gentle, professional and friendly, what more could you ask from a dentist. Definitely recommended.