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Dentist Journal

Achieving Natural Results: The Advantages of White Fillings

Achieving Natural Results: The Advantages of White Fillings

There are numerous oral health conditions that can lead to a person needing fillings. Typically, fillings are used to fill holes in your teeth, with most holes being caused by tooth decay. But did you know that there are different types of fillings available for your teeth? White fillings are becoming more common, as they have a number of advantages over traditional dental filling materials.

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of white fillings for achieving a beautiful, natural smile.

Different Types of Fillings

Like any industry, dentistry has advanced over the years, meaning we constantly find better ways to achieve good oral health. While there are some other variations for specific purposes (such as glass-ionomer cement for fissure sealings), these are the most common types of filling materials your dental in Maroubra clinic has available today.


Amalgam is a mixture of copper, zinc, tin, mercury and silver. It’s been used as dental filling material for decades, although it is becoming less popular in the modern world. Amalgam fillings are silver in colour, making them more identifiable when you smile. The other disadvantage is that dentists need to cut away more of the tooth when using amalgam, and the material effectively just fills the hole rather than bonding to the existing tooth.

Composite resin (white fillings)

The most common material for modern dental fillings is composite resin. These are also known as white fillings because they more closely match the original tooth colour. Dentists can glue composite fillings to the tooth surface, allowing the two to bond, creating a firmer fit. The other great thing is that composite resin can be matched almost perfectly to your tooth colour, making your fillings virtually undetectable.


Your dental clinic Maroubra often uses gold or porcelain inlays. They work the same as other fillings, except they are moulded outside of the mouth and then glued into the tooth cavity. Both gold and porcelain are extremely strong, so they will last for a long time, but they are still not used as commonly as composite white fillings.

Why Choose White Fillings?

If dentists have been using amalgam for so long, why should you consider white fillings instead? Here are just a few of the advantages of white dental fillings.

Better aesthetics

Dental fillings are typically used to stop the tooth pain associated with having cavities. However, that doesn’t mean they should look ugly or obvious. Older-style amalgam fillings are silver, and although they’re small, they can still be noticeable when you smile. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the whitest, brightest smile, so that’s one good reason to choose composite resin.

Dentists are skilled in matching composite resin filling to your tooth’s natural colour, making them virtually unnoticeable. If you’ve ever been self-conscious about your smile, you’ll know that aesthetics matter.

Stronger Bonding

One of the major advantages of white fillings is the way they bond with the existing tooth’s structure. Amalgam fillings are made from metals, which don’t bond to your natural tooth material. Composite resin fillings do bond, however, creating a stronger attachment and reducing the likelihood of the filling becoming dislodged.

As you’ll notice while we move through this list, the superior bonding capabilities of composite resin lead to a number of other advantages.

A less invasive procedure

When dentists use amalgam and other materials for fillings, they generally have to cut away more of the existing tooth. So, white fillings actually preserve more of your natural tooth and promote better oral health in general. This is mostly due to the bonding process we discussed above. The white filling can bond to the tooth surface, so the dentist doesn’t need to drill away as much tooth to make room.

For those who have extremely sensitive teeth or are simply a bit nervous about dental procedures, choosing a less invasive procedure is always the best choice.

White fillings are highly durable

Most dental fillings have a certain lifespan and will need to be replaced at some point in the future. Amalgam fillings don’t bond to the tooth surface, so if the glue comes loose, the filling can fall out. However, white fillings bond better and are more difficult to dislodge. They’re made from hard-wearing materials, so if your tooth decay is in an area of the mouth that requires a lot of chewing, composite resin fillings are a great option.

While on the topic of dental maintenance, it’s important to note that replacing white fillings is much quicker, too. The material sets quickly, so if you do require new fillings, it’s not as much of a process.

Reduced tooth sensitivity

People with sensitive teeth (dentin hypersensitivity) often achieve better results with composite resin fillings. Because they bond to the existing tooth’s structure, white fillings provide better temperature insulation. Even with amalgam fillings, if you were to drink a very cold or hot drink, you’d likely still experience a sensation in the damaged tooth. This is much less pronounced when you choose white fillings.

Are You Considering White Fillings?

If you’re experiencing tooth pain as a result of cavities, decay or another dental condition, our team is here to help. We specialise in all general dentistry, including white fillings and we also offer a range of other services such as cosmetic dentistry and implants. We create a safe, welcoming environment for the whole family, so whether you need dental care for the kids or yourself, we’d love to meet you. Contact Dental Avenue today, your local dental clinic Maroubra.

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