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Dentist Journal

wisdom teeth

Can You Get Wisdom Teeth In Your 30’s?

Dental practitioners deal with issues regarding wisdom teeth regularly. Patients often have wisdom teeth that need removing. But, if wisdom teeth are so troublesome, why do we get them? Keep reading as we discuss the wisdom tooth phenomenon – including when to expect your wisdom teeth to come in, why we have wisdom teeth and […]

Some surprising developments in modern dentistry

Why are so many people afraid of their dentist? What are some of the things that worry you when your tooth starts to ache? Maybe you’re thinking about the pain of treatment or the swelling of your jaw afterwards. Or maybe you’re more uneasy about those strange dental instruments. Could be you’re just concerned about […]

Sports most likely to cause damage to your teeth

As we head into the summer months, children and adults alike will be back on the playing fields and be enjoying a wide range of summer sports. It’s a great time to be enjoying the outdoors; however, there are some sports (more than others) that can prove to be dangerous for your teeth. Here are […]

Some meals you really need to floss after

While many school programmes teach children the right way to brush, flossing is often neglected. As a result, many adults have the right toothbrush technique but are completely lost when it comes to flossing. Both the concept and practice can be intimidating. When you floss, you use a piece of string, dental floss, or dental […]

Sleep dentistry

Who is Sleep Dentistry Most Suited for?

Despite the importance of honouring dental appointments, most people don’t do it because of fear. This fear is unwarranted, as failing to visit dentists has more potential severe effects than withstanding the mild pain experienced during routine checkups. Regular dental visits are the only guaranteed way to prevent severe dental disorders like gum disease and […]