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Dentist Journal

Why Some People Seem to Be "Born" With Good Teeth

We all know that person. That person with a set full of super straight, lovely and white teeth, and the perfect size chompers. While sometimes it’s an indication of some perfect teeth caps, sometimes it’s just because they are a fortunate person. So were these folks born with good teeth? Or is it from something else?

Genes play a part

People who have lovely, straight, well-shaped teeth often have parents with lovely, straight, well-shaped teeth, funnily enough. Teeth, like other parts of your body, can be a combination of your genes. And, like other genetic body things, they don’t have to be directly from your parents, either. Good teeth could be handed down from our grandparents, even if your mother’s and your father’s teeth are not that perfect.

Just good luck?

And, as with other body features, sometimes it’s not from genetics it’s just pure luck. As with the person with the perfect shaped nose, sometimes it’s just a roll of the dice as to a body feature – although genetics will have some influence here.

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They probably didn’t have a dummy as a child

Dummies are not recommended for babies as they can cause a child’s teeth to come in strangely which can interfere with the structure of their mouth overall as they grow. This may, in turn, pave the way for their adult teeth to come in strangely. We recommend that you don’t give your children dummies and discourage thumb sucking. If your child is teething, you can try the baby rusks to alleviate their discomfort.

Good teeth happen to those that look after their teeth

If you look after your teeth, then you will have better teeth. These are just the facts. If you meet someone with naturally good teeth, then it’s guaranteed that they have taken reasonably good care of their teeth throughout the years. This includes twice daily brushings, flossing and regular check-ups. While they might have had good teeth, to begin with, the reason that they’ve kept good teeth is down to good habits.

If you weren’t born with good teeth, or even if you were, but now they are starting to deteriorate, it doesn’t have to be a source of anguish. For the majority of dental issues, there are fixes out there, like braces to straighten up your teeth (yes, even if you’re already an adult), or whitening products to brighten up a yellowing smile. If you have any issues with your teeth, then it’s time to stop by and visit us to hear about how we can help with your treatment. We have a range of different dental therapies available for patients to help them have a more attractive looking smile.