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Dentist Journal

Some gum-damaging habits to lose

Some conscious or unconscious habits can lead to gum damage. This can lead to loosening your teeth by damaging gingival fibres and tissues. In an oral cavity, teeth are placed in their sockets located on the dental arches and are held strongly by gingival and periodontal fibres. That means to have teeth strongly placed in their socket; we need to take care of gingival and periodontal fibres’ health as well. Our dentists from Dental Avenue Maroubra believe that the following are some of the habits that may damage your gums and loosen your teeth. It would be best in the interest of your dental health to avoid them as best as possible.

    • Insufficient brushing, flossing or rinsing: Brushing not only protects your teeth, it also protects and massages your gums. It, along with antiseptic rinsing, prevents any bacterial infection at the gum line and gingivitis, by removing the bacteria and residues of food from the oral cavity.
    • Brushing too aggressively: It can damage your gingival tissue, thereby leading them to recede.
    • Tobacco use: Studies have shown that smoking tobacco leads to the development and progression of gum disorders. The most prominent impact of tobacco is decreasing the blood flow to your gums and decreasing the functions of immune cells. Smoking has been related to dryness of mouth and increase in the buildup of bacteria along the gum line.

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  • Using your teeth as tools: People using teeth as tools for different purposes like to open bottles, cut tape, or other similar types of activities should know that apart from causing trauma and deformation of teeth, it can also lead to severely damaging the gums.
  • Clenching or Grinding of teeth: People under extensive anxiety, stress, or anger usually have an unconscious habit of clenching their teeth. Clenching of teeth can severely damage the fibres holding the teeth. Mouth guards and stress relieving exercises are advised to avoid clenching and grinding of teeth.
  • Chewing on ice: This can not only damage your teeth but also can irritate your gums and damage them. The ice cubes can have sharp edges that can cause scratches on gums and make them inflamed.
  • Biting your nails: Apart from introducing bacteria into your mouth, your teeth and gums can be physically damaged by using your teeth as nail cutter.
  • Using toothpicks in place of floss: Toothpicks can break and get stuck in the spaces near gums and can cause scratches on gums.
  • Tongue piercing: People get their tongues pierced without realising the amount of damage it can cause to gums and other oral tissues. While talking about gums, gum recession can occur due to irritation to gums caused by tongue piercing.

In the case that you have any of these habits, make an effort to stop and enjoy healthier gums.