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Dentist Journal

Who is Sleep Dentistry Most Suited for?

Who is Sleep Dentistry Most Suited for?

Despite the importance of honouring dental appointments, most people don’t do it because of fear. This fear is unwarranted, as failing to visit dentists has more potential severe effects than withstanding the mild pain experienced during routine checkups.

Regular dental visits are the only guaranteed way to prevent severe dental disorders like gum disease and tooth loss. It also helps the doctor identify life-threatening conditions like oral cancer while it is still treatable. In addition, these checkups are essential for maintaining tooth functionality. More importantly, dentists can help you get that desirable sparkling smile to improve your confidence in social settings.

Since dental visits are beneficial to oral health and overall wellbeing, dentists are looking for ways to ease their patients’ anxiety. One of the ways used to ease these fears is sleep dentistry. As the name suggests, the practice makes you sleepy during dental procedures. It’s safe and inexpensive. It doesn’t make you unconscious, but you won’t feel any pain.

Sleep dentistry is the ideal technique for people who become anxious at the sight of dental equipment. It works by dulling your senses so that you don’t notice the whirring of the tools, the smell of the medicine, and the equipment’s presence. It also causes slight amnesia, meaning that you won’t remember much about the procedure upon completion.

Sometimes, you might need multiple dental procedures to restore your oral health. For instance, the dentist might need to clean your gums and teeth before filling the resulting gaps. Such procedures are quite lengthy and would require large amounts of anaesthesia. 

However, sleep dentistry simplifies the process and reduces recovery time. Within 30 minutes, you’ll regain alertness and be ready to leave the clinic and resume your daily activities.

Who Are the Perfect Candidates for This Procedure?

The ideal candidate for sleep dentistry is an individual whose schedule doesn’t allow them to visit the dentist many times. For instance, if you run a busy company, sleep dentistry ensures that you receive medical attention during one visit instead of making several appointments.

People with small mouths can also benefit from sleep dentistry. Such individuals usually experience discomfort when dentists insert their equipment inside their mouths and they often become sore during the procedure. Moreover, sleep dentistry is advantageous for phobic patients who become anxious while visiting a dental clinic and valuable for individuals with sensitive gums and teeth.

Sleep dentistry is also ideal for young people as they often cannot sit still during an entire dental visit. Patients with special needs will also benefit from this procedure.

Lastly, sleep dentistry is a safer medical alternative to anaesthesia. Some patients are allergic to anaesthesia, making sleep dentistry the best way to ease the pain of dental treatments. 

Final Words

Sleep dentistry is an effective way of easing the anxiety and pain of receiving dental treatment. It also guarantees quicker recovery than other techniques. Whether you’re looking for emergency treatment or cosmetic surgery, sleep dentistry is suitable. This outpatient procedure is available at our dental clinic in Maroubra.

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