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Dentist Journal

Who is sleep dentistry most suited for?

Some of us are terrified of dentists, even though we have no real reason to be. Odontophobia is just like Coulrophobia (fear of clowns). They’re both probably the result of watching a bad movie in childhood, but they have no basis in fact. Clowns make us laugh, and dentists brighten our smiles, so it’s not fair to be afraid of them.
Still, for many people, the sound of a honking clown nose or a dental drill causes unbearable levels of discomfort. It’s why so many people avoid both the circus and the dental chair. While skipping circuses will only cost you a fun afternoon, avoiding your dentist could cause serious damage to your teeth. At best, you’ll have a dull smile. At worst, you might be unable to eat altogether.
Well, would your dental visit be any easier if you were asleep during the procedure? Sleep dentistry is a trusted practice that has been safely used for years, and it’s affordable too. While you won’t exactly be unconscious, you’ll feel like you’re dreaming. You’ll still be fully conscious and responsive, but you’ll feel pleasantly unaware.

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If the scary element in dental clinics is sensory for you, then sleep dentistry will help. Many patients react to the smell of the clinic, the sound of the machines, and the sight of tools laid out on the tray. Sleep dentistry will dull your senses enough that you’ll barely notice them. The medication also has a slight amnesia event, so once you’re done, you won’t remember much about the treatment you received.
Sometimes, you need to have more than one dental procedure at a time. You might need a cleaning, a filling, and some gum work. These combined treatments can be quite lengthy in total, but sleep dentistry can help you get through them with minimal fuss. Sleep dentistry also minimises recovery time. Within half an hour, you’ll be back to your healthy, alert self, and you can leave the clinic and go about your business.
Who is Sleep Dentistry Most Suited For
If you’re too busy to have multiple dental visits, you can get everything done in a single visit. It’s also helpful is your mouth is small, causing discomfort when dental tools are inserted. Other triggers may include a strong gag reflex or general anxiety. Sleep dentistry is great for patients with phobias.
Sometimes, sleep dentistry is used for more medical reasons. Some patients respond poorly to anaesthesia, so sleep dentistry is a viable alternative. It’s also helpful if patients have sensitive teeth or gums since it makes the procedure far less uncomfortable.
This option is applicable and available for a large variety of dental procedures, from emergency treatment to cosmetic ones. You can receive sleep dentistry right here in our clinic so that you won’t need hospital admissions or overnight stays.