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Dentist Journal

Dental Care Tips For Children

Raising a toddler can be quite overwhelming for first-time parents. While looking after their overall health as well as a balanced nutrition, oral care is often not a priority. Like adults, poor oral hygiene and diet is the most common cause of cavities and to prevent a child from going through his or her first ever toothache we have put together some tips for young parents to follow.

It is never too early to start with dental care and teaching toddlers a regular routine and brushing their baby teeth is a start. Early loss of baby teeth can end up in severe problems, as when left untreated, early dental problems of primary dentition can compromise the health of the underlying permanent teeth.

To accommodate a toddler to dental routine, use a brush with soft bristles and fluoride toothpaste as soon as the first tooth comes out in the morning and before bedtime.

Dentist at Maroubra strongly advises not to provide sugary snacks and drinks at bedtime. Not only will high sugar content affect the quality of sleep, but your toddler is also more likely to expose his or her precious teeth to cavities. Smart bedtime snacks could be a glass of milk and a plain cracker with cheese although you will have to brush teeth afterwards. Overall, a high content in sugars is the common cause of cavities, especially amongst young children. Prevent your toddler from getting used to sweetened fruit juices and soft drinks, instead opt for tap water to avoid tooth decay.

We also recommend keeping an eye on the frequent use of pacifiers and thumb sucking as such habits can lead to falsely aligned teeth later in life. To prevent issues before they arise, it is advisable to let a child get accustomed to dental check-ups at a young age to make the experience less traumatic and stressful.

Finding a dentist that is experienced and trained to introduce young children to dental appointments in a friendly and understandable manner is important, as this may establish a positive dental attitude for a lifetime. At dental clinic Maroubra, we will carefully walk your child through the waiting area to introduce dental toys and the big chair at their first check-up. In the event of impending treatments, we will explain in detail what to expect for the next visit to help be better prepared and lessen anxiety. One of our general services is to educate parents on the benefits of a balanced diet and good oral hygiene at home. It is our duty that children have a pleasant experience while they are receiving treatment and have parents go home with clear information on approaches and procedure details.

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