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Crowns & Bridges


Crowns and bridges are used when the tooth is damaged or treated (i.e. root canal therapy), or the complete replacement of any tooth. The badly damaged tooth or the missing tooth may require crowns or bridges to give it a natural and the original look. The tooth colour can also be matched with the advanced technologies used in the dentistry.

The crowns are of two types. One is the customised thin cap designed to fit over the tooth that is badly damaged. This will protect the underlying tooth. It will help the tooth to reinstate its strength and also the functionality of the tooth sustains. The colour and the shape of the tooth is just the same as of the original tooth, so it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of your teeth. The second type of crown is placed on the tooth which is treated, either with root canal therapy or any other procedure like complete replacement of the tooth, a prosthetic tooth. A crown is like a replacement tooth which helps the teeth to function naturally and also with long term durability. Also it appears as a natural tooth.

A bridge is used to position the crown at its place. The bridge attaches to capped crowns on either side of the missing tooth’s gap with the prosthetic crown acting as the replacement tooth. The functionality of the tooth can be restored by using the bridges. To replace one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, bridges are designed to restore the aesthetics of the mouth,as well as bring function back to the area. The bridges are sturdy and look natural in appearance. Crowns and Bridges are recommended procedures in case you have any damaged or missing teeth.

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