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Dentist Journal

Debunking 9 Common Teeth Whitening Myths: The Expert Opinion

Debunking 9 Common Teeth Whitening Myths: The Expert Opinion

Every day, patients come to us holding myths about certain dental procedures, and it’s my job to help them understand dental practices better. 

Teeth whitening is a popular dental procedure to help people feel more confident about their smiles. However, you should be wary of the many myths about teeth whitening – mostly spread by marketing campaigns.

What can you believe about teeth whitening, and what is a misconception?

Keep reading as we discuss the many myths about teeth whitening and why these are false statements. 

Why Have Your Teeth Whitened?

As we age, our teeth inevitably become discoloured or yellow. Discolouration of the teeth occurs over time due to the foods we eat. Some of the most staining foods for the teeth include:

  • Soft drinks
  • Red wine
  • Tea and coffee
  • Tomato-based dishes
  • Curry

Now, the chances are that while you can avoid ingesting these foods and beverages regularly, your life would be pretty miserable if you cut them out completely. So, your teeth will become more stained as you eat and drink these foods. 

Teeth whitening provides the solution to keep your teeth looking fresh and clean without making significant alterations to your diet in order to preserve this whiteness. Even those who brush regularly and have frequent professional dental cleanings may still have discoloured teeth and need a little help getting that perfect celebrity smile.

Your local dentist can whiten your teeth several shades using a teeth-whitening procedure, bleaching the teeth to reduce discolouration.

Top Teeth Whitening Myths

Now that you know why people opt for the procedure, it’s time to dispel some common myths about teeth whitening. 

It’s a good idea to read about what teeth whitening can do, what it can’t, and the effects of teeth whitening so you’ll know what to expect before your teeth whitening procedure.

If You Whiten Your Teeth, It’ll Damage Your Enamel

Some patients believe that if they whiten their teeth, it will damage their enamel. They avoid teeth whitening, fearing that this will make their teeth more vulnerable to decay and injury.

Teeth whitening doesn’t lighten your enamel – because your enamel isn’t the part of the tooth that holds colouration. Instead, the whitening solution permeates the enamel to lighten the dentin. Dentin holds staining when you consume staining foods.

So, teeth whitening will not have any negative consequences for your enamel – your enamel will be undisturbed, and your teeth will be pearly white!

Whitening Your Teeth Will Make Them More Sensitive

While it is true that your teeth may be a little sensitive right after your teeth whitening procedure, they won’t be sensitive forever. 

Your enamel will be more porous for a few days following the procedure. The teeth whitening solution used to bleach the teeth can remove minerals in the enamel that cause it to become more sensitive. However, this effect will only last a few days, and your teeth will return to normal.

Your Teeth Could Look Unnaturally White

You’ve likely seen television shows with skits about over-whitened teeth, but the reality is that your teeth will never be blindingly white after a trip to the dentist.

Your dentist can determine the optimal tooth colour to match your skin tone and the underlying tones of the teeth. If you performed teeth whitening at home, there’s a chance that you could make your teeth look unnaturally white.

However, your dentist is fully-trained to ensure your teeth aren’t shockingly white and give you the most natural white colouring.

Teeth Whitening Lasts Forever

Unfortunately, teeth whitening isn’t a one-off. After your whitening, your consumption of staining foods and beverages will reverse the whitening effects.

Your dentist will recommend that you avoid staining foods in the first week following the procedure, as this is when your teeth are most porous and vulnerable to staining. However, after that, you can eat these staining foods in moderation – you’ll need to revisit your dentist for a top-up when these foods begin to mark your teeth again.

You Can Use Activated Charcoal To Get The Same Results

Despite the many marketing campaigns you see, you can’t expect to lighten your teeth significantly using activated charcoal. Activated charcoal reduces staining on the surface of the teeth, whereas a professional teeth whitening procedure will reduce staining underneath the tooth’s surface.

Using Fruit On The Teeth Can Remove Stains

Fruit has a high sugar content and can be bad for oral health. It will not lighten the teeth. Secondly, sugar encourages the growth of bacteria in the teeth, which can lead to the buildup of plaque and tooth decay. So, it’s best to avoid rubbing high-sugar foods on the teeth and use professional teeth whitening.

You Can Have Your Crowns, Fillings, And Veneers Whitened

One of the biggest mistakes patients make when using whitening products at home is to whiten teeth with crowns, fillings, and veneers. While the whitening solution can change the colour of your natural teeth, it will not change the colour of these modifications. This will lead to the natural teeth not matching the colour of the crowns and fillings. Your Maroubra dentist will be able to whiten your teeth to match the colour of your crowns, fillings, and veneers, ensuring your teeth look cohesive and natural.

You Can Whiten All Teeth

Not everyone can achieve that perfect white smile with their natural teeth. Some teeth are too stained to reach a white colour, and others are rotten, and repairs need to be made to get the teeth back to a natural white appearance.

If you visit your local dentist Maroubra , they will be able to evaluate your teeth and determine whether you’re eligible for teeth whitening or whether another course of action would be best for your dental health.

Anyone Can Perform Teeth Whitening

While at-home products can improve the visual appeal of the teeth in some cases, they frequently cause the colour of the teeth to be uneven. For instance, if you use whitening strips, you might not be able to cover indentations and grooves in the teeth, leading to these areas appearing darker than the rest. To ensure you get the best results from your teeth whitening, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional.


Teeth whitening is a popular procedure to remedy the staining that occurs over time. However, many common misconceptions exist about teeth whitening and the results you can achieve with at-home remedies. To enquire about teeth whitening, reach out to our team at the Maroubra Dental Clinic today – we’re always happy to help you improve your smile confidence!

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