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Dentist Journal

Looking for a Brighter Smile?

Who doesn’t like to smile? A smile is contagious and brings your personality. It is one of those priceless things that the more you give, the more value you get! A smile can set the right mood at the dinner table, workplace and in your neighbourhood. It is your first introduction when you meet people, you can say so much without uttering a single word.

Smile Busters

Teeth that are bright white and chipped tooth, uneven teeth and teeth revealing disgraceful black spots are all smile busters— so even if you want to smile, you may not be able to do so confidently because of the gloomy condition of your teeth.  In case you are suffering from any sort of pain in your teeth or gums, your smile can never be 100%.

Help is Here

If today was the day when you looked at yourself in the mirror and did not like that smile; it is time to get help before things get worse! Dental Avenue is a leading dental care facility in Maroubra, offering a complete range of dental services at a reasonable price. Here is how we can help give you a brighter, shinier and vibrant smile!

Tooth Colour Restoration

Our dental staff can quickly help you achieve a smile that reveals evenly shaded teeth. They can help fix any discoloration and imperfections using non-invasive techniques.

Teeth Whitening

Get the dazzle back using our teeth whitening non-invasive service.


With some of the most excellent dentists in Maroubra on board, you can trust Dental Avenue to help give you that perfect look. Porcelain or composite resin shells are customs developed for each individual. This shell, called veneer, is then placed over the existing tooth, which was previously defective due to discolouration, unevenness, gaps, chipping off, etc.

Invisible Braces

If you have uneven teeth and have been dreading visiting the dentist because you hate the look of braces on you, no need to despair! The Invisalign® technology uses clear aligners that gradually helps align your teeth. Not invasive, no one knows you’re wearing them, easy-to-wear, painless – Invisalign® is undoubtedly a wise choice for professionals and students alike.
Working towards that brighter smile is a decision you need to take in time. The longer you delay your visit, the worse it can get. The faster you seek professional help, the smoother the results.
Don’t delay! Book your appointment with the best dentists in Maroubra now!