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The Ultimate Guide to Fissure Sealants for Kids: What Parents Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Fissure Sealants for Kids: What Parents Need to Know

As a parent, ensuring your children grow up with a beautiful, healthy smile is a high priority. Establishing strong oral health habits from a young age lays the foundation for protecting their teeth for life. One of the most effective preventative dental treatments for children is fissure sealants for kids. Understanding sealants, their importance, and how they work will help you make the best decisions for safeguarding your children’s oral health. This guide breaks down everything parents need to know about using sealants to give their little ones the brightest future smiles possible.

What Are Fissure Sealants?

Fissure sealants for kids are thin, plastic coatings that are painted onto the grooves of teeth. Also called pits and fissures, these grooves are susceptible to collecting food particles and bacteria that lead to decay. Sealants create a smooth barrier to protect vulnerable areas where brushing can’t easily reach and are commonly applied to molars as soon as they emerge before cavities have begun forming. The coatings work by “sealing out” food, germs, and acid to keep molars decay-free. Fissure sealants for kids also have the advantage of being completely invisible once placed, and children often don’t even realise they have them as they mimic the natural tooth.

When Should Children Get Fissure Sealants?

As children lose their baby teeth, their permanent molars come in around ages 6-7, and the Australian Dental Association recommends children receive sealants as soon as they appear to allow maximum prevention of pit and fissure decay setting in. In fact, over 50% of all dental cavities in Australian school-aged children occur in the molars.

In children with higher cavity risk, your dentist in Maroubra may even recommend using sealants preventatively on premolars. Thus, routine dental appointments are essential to evaluate tooth eruption, susceptibility to decay, and oral hygiene habits to determine which teeth will benefit most from protective seals.

Taking your children for regular dental check-ups to establish comfort in the dental environment means sealants and other preventative care can be done easily. When introduced at an early age, going to the dentist becomes part of children’s oral health care.

How Are Fissure Sealants Applied?

Placing fissure sealants for kids is a quick and painless process. No injections or drilling are involved; instead, sealant application is similar to getting a filling, although it is much faster.

First, the tooth surface is cleaned and etched to roughen slightly. This allows the plastic sealant to adhere tightly within grooves for long-lasting durability. The tooth is then rinsed and dried before the liquid sealant is flowed directly into pits and fissures. The sealant quickly hardens with a special curing light, bonding strongly to micro-grooves. Total treatment time is just a few minutes per tooth, and a thorough set ensures bacteria have no way under the sealed surface.

The Difference Fissure Sealants for Kids Make Long-Term

Investing just minutes in this preventative treatment may pay out well into adulthood. The molars can remain protected from pit and fissure decay for 20 years or longer, saving extensive restorative treatment like fillings, caps, or extractions over time. Studies show sealants reduce decay in permanent molars by 60% or more over extended periods and can save a lot of bills in future restorative treatment. Furthermore, preventing invasive procedures can also avoid dental anxiety over needing fillings. The upfront investment in fissure sealants sets your children up for optimal oral health and self-confidence for years and years.

Choosing Children’s Dentists with Paediatric Expertise

From baby teeth to mature adult dentition, choosing a dentist in Maroubra with specialised paediatric experience makes an enormous difference. Here at Maroubra Dental Avenue, we focus on children’s oral health with two key priorities:

  • Making oral care gentle, stress-free and even fun
  • Guiding families proactively with preventative education

Our whole team loves working with children and has an extensive background in calming fears, explaining the treatment, and clarifying good home routines. We coach parents and kids together on proper brushing, healthy diet, dental development milestones and more. This way, oral hygiene habits become a cooperative family effort.

Our child-friendly, consultative approach means we get to know each young patient individually. We map out personalised prevention plans based on routine exams and continual evaluations for optimal results. This includes monitoring tooth eruption patterns, assessing decay susceptibility, and placing prompt pit and fissure sealants as needed. We also handle any required dental treatment using advanced behaviour guidance techniques to help young patients stay relaxed, cooperative, and confident throughout care.

We make each visit engaging, and kids grow to understand the “why” behind caring well for teeth in ways relatable to their age. As a result, children develop habits not just for healthy smiles now but for life.

Give Your Child the Brightest Future Smile Possible

Protecting your children’s oral wellness starts with proactive prevention early on. Fissure sealants for kids safeguard vulnerable teeth through decades of chewing and growth, adding even more reinforcement with good oral hygiene, such as brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and flossing to disrupt bacterial plaque. When combined with a balanced diet and regular dental appointments, seals help ensure your child’s beautiful smile stays vibrant for years.

For exceptional paediatric dentistry and preventative plans personalised to your child’s unique needs, contact Maroubra Dental Avenue today. Call 02 9344 8822 for your child’s first appointment or request a booking online. Our entire team looks forward to welcoming your child’s smile!

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