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Dentist Journal

Should I Be Concerned About Visiting The Dentist If I Am Pregnant?

Should I Be Concerned About Visiting The Dentist If I Am Pregnant?

Our dental practice receives many patient queries about their care needs. A common question for pregnant women is whether they can still visit the dentist and whether it might be dangerous.

Keep reading as we explore whether pregnant women should be concerned about visiting the dentist. This guide will cover everything you need to know about your dental care as a pregnant woman.

Should I Still Visit The Dentist While Pregnant?

You should visit the dentist while pregnant for your usual checkups and whenever you notice an issue with your teeth.

However, when you attend the dentist, you must make them aware that you are pregnant. This is because your care needs change when you are pregnant, and your dentist Maroubra will need to change their treatment plan for you.

In the rest of this post, we will discuss how your dental care needs might change during pregnancy and how you can safely care for your teeth and your baby.

What Happens In A Dental Visit When You’re Pregnant?

You should maintain regular dentist visits for routine checkups and dental cleaning during pregnancy. And if you notice anything wrong with your teeth, you should schedule an appointment with your local Maroubra dentist as soon as possible.

During pregnancy, your gums may become swollen and irritated, and your whole body suffers from inflammation. Because of this swelling, you will need to ensure that your dentist provides you with support for your gum health. You will be more vulnerable to gum disease and infections during this time.

Keeping an eye on your gum and dental health during this period is essential. It’s important that your oral health is maintained to prevent infection and any related issues that might also impact your unborn baby.

You can still have procedures performed at the dentist, like fillings and crowns. However, due to your pregnancy, you may not be able to access certain medications. This means that your dentist will need to adjust your treatment plan so that you do not need to take any medications that could interfere with your pregnancy.

Can I Get Dental Work In My Third Trimester?

In your third trimester, you can access emergency dental care and treatments. However, for vocational treatments, your dentist will recommend waiting until after the birth to perform these procedures.

In your third trimester, sitting in a dentist’s chair for long periods will be difficult, and you may need to urinate frequently. So, opting for a dental procedure during this time might cause additional discomfort.

It is better to schedule your dental appointments early in your pregnancy if you want them done before giving birth.

If you plan on getting a cosmetic dental procedure during your pregnancy, you should consider waiting until after your birth date. Dental procedures carry a small risk to your child’s health and should be avoided when necessary.

Can I Have X-Rays When Pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should avoid having an x-ray at the dentist. It is best to avoid exposure to radiation, which may affect your baby’s development.

However, should you need to have an x-ray performed for a necessary emergency procedure, it’s advised to go ahead with this. If it protects your health in an emergency, then an x-ray is recommended.

If you speak with your dentist, they can postpone any x-rays you had planned until after your pregnancy.

Dental Medications During Pregnancy

While pregnant, you may need to steer clear of certain medications that could lead to complications. During pregnancy, you should always avoid anaesthesia unless necessary, as this could lead to complications.

Although there are no proven adverse side effects, you should also steer clear of Lidocaine. Lidocaine is used regularly in dental procedures, and although there are no known adverse health effects for you and your baby, you should avoid this medication for your peace of mind.

If your dentist prescribes antibiotics during pregnancy, you should take them as directed. Your antibiotics will be perfectly safe to take and will prevent you from getting infections that could harm you or your baby.

Steps To Take For Your Dental Care During Pregnancy

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t do at the dentist during your pregnancy, let’s cover some of the best practices. Below is a list of some of the best practices to ensure your teeth are healthy during your pregnancy:

  • Tell your dentist you are pregnant – if you are pregnant, your dentist needs to know. They can advise you on some of the best ways to reduce pain and inflammation in the gums during your term.
  • Book a dental cleaning – you should ideally have a dental cleaning performed in your first trimester. It will become uncomfortable to sit in your later pregnancy stages, and getting this procedure out of the way will help you to avoid future discomfort.
  • Eat the right foods – you need to fuel your body during pregnancy and avoid eating foods that will lead to tooth decay and other complications. Stick to a low-sugar and nutrient-dense diet for your oral and baby’s health.
  • Practice oral care – you should take good care of your teeth during this time to avoid emergency dental visits. Anaesthesia should be avoided during pregnancy, and brushing regularly can help prevent tooth extraction, and surgical or dental procedures.
  • Don’t be afraid of the dentist – you shouldn’t be scared to visit the dentist during your pregnancy. Your dentist has your and your baby’s best interests in mind and will take excellent care of you during pregnancy.


When it comes to your pregnancy, you and your dentist must adjust specific dental care plans. However, you can and should still visit the dentist for routine checkups, cleanings, and essential procedures. If you’re pregnant and need dental care, reach out to our team of dental experts here at Maroubra Dental Clinic. We are committed to providing safe and personalised care to our patients..

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