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Dentist Journal

Good Dental Habits to Embrace

Our teeth are with us for life, unlike that ex that you wonder why you were with in the first place or that old skirt that you wonder why you bought at all. And because your teeth are with you for life, that means that you need to take care of them to ensure that they won’t end up falling into disrepair or out of your mouth anytime soon. You can do this by embracing good dental habits. And you know what? They aren’t hard! Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll have dental health covered in no time. Here’s our top 3 to get you started.

Get rid of that sugar!

Sugar is a very, very bad guy – someone that none of us really need in our lives. Sugary snacks, meals, and treats will lead to that super furry feeling in your mouth, that build up of plaque. Sugar is public enemy number one when it comes to dental health. It eats away at teeth much more quickly than its savoury counterparts, which can lead to fillings galore if you aren’t careful. Take a close look at your diet and cut out sugar as much as you can. Sugar in coffee, sweet breakfast cereals etc.

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Floss after every meal

As every dentist will attest to, flossing is the number one activity that people don’t practice that they really should. While most people will brush their teeth at least once or twice a day, flossing seems to be in the realm of “only remember to do it occasionally”. But once you start flossing regularly, after every time you brush, you’ll get into the habit of doing it more readily. Flossing dislodges the gunk between your teeth and can save you a bundle on dental bills later on down the track, so why wouldn’t you?

Go for regular check-ups

Remembering to go for regular dental check-ups can be quite the chore. Was my last appointment this year? Last year? When was it? Regular dental check-ups help prevent major issues from happening – which is why it’s important that you have them. Rather than just bouncing out of the dentist feeling fresh and clean after your next check-up, why not schedule in your next visit, whether it’s 6 months or a year down the track? They’ll remind you about it so that you don’t have to – it’s really a win win.
Schedule your regular dental check-up with us at Dental Avenue and you’ll be well taken care of with experienced dentists and our happy team. We like to take good care of all our patients and can easily line you up in the calendar for 6 months or 12 months in the future.