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Root Canal Therapy

The primary goal of any dentist is to save the tooth at any cost, if possible. Root Canal Therapy is the procedure to achieve this goal. It is also known as endodontic therapy. This procedure is done to preserve the tooth and avoid extraction. The infected tooth is treated by this procedure.


The major causes of tooth decay, damage or necrosis of a tooth could be a crack, a deep cavity or any other injury to the tooth. It helps to remove the infection and protects the decontamination of the tooth so that it doesn’t get infected again. All the teeth have inner chambers and the root canal which has the dental pulp. which has blood and nerves that makes the tooth alive. When the tooth experiences deep cavity or any other damage then it leads to pain and if not treated, it will lead to total tooth decay.Here RCT becomes essential to save the tooth from extraction.

The procedure involves the cleaning of the canals, after this biocompatible filler is inserted to get rid of the infection and discomfort. Lastly, a customised dental crown according to the size of the tooth is mounted to protect any further damage and give your pretty smile back on your face.

-Good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are necessary. This will prevent the tooth from having further infections that may lead to serious problems.

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