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Dentist Journal

Dental Report Shows That Only Half Of Australians Brush Their Teeth Twice A Day

Yes, that’s right – only half of Australians are brushing their teeth twice a day, and tooth decay is common. 90 percent of Australian adults have varying degrees of tooth decay and can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking. Also having an unhealthy diet is also one of the most common contributors to tooth decay. According to a report on ABC.net.au, a leading Australian think tank has published its statistics from the country’s first comprehensive health tracker – and they could be perceived as just a little bit alarming.

The statistics show that a whopping 15.5 percent of adults are suffering from severe tooth loss. Severe tooth loss basically means they have 21 teeth or less which is a large amount smaller than 32 (which is a full set of pearly whites).

Not only is tooth decay affecting your ability to eat and function as a normal human, but it’s also been linked to mental and physical health. Patients suffering from poor mental health have an abnormally high rate of tooth decay. The mental illness and tooth decay can be linked to lifestyle choices such as excessive eating, drinking alcohol and smoking.

The children in Australia aren’t fairing much better than the adults. Many of Australia’s children are being admitted to the dentist with preventable tooth damage. Statistics show that a third of Australian children are eating too much sugar and in turn require dental procedures to fix their fangs. Sugary foods should be avoided, and a healthy well-balanced diet is advised.

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The survey also revealed that parents are failing to book their teens into the dentist for regular inspections. Twenty-five percent of teens were recorded as not having a check-up in the last twelve months. These alarming figures should not see you hesitate to book your child for regular checks ups. Most dental issues, if found early, are easily treatable and the likelihood of further damage will be minimised. So book that dentist trip now and strike while the iron is hot.

Experts insist that stricter food labelling should be applied to sugary foods and drinks that cause tooth decay. Food and drink labels should carry a warning of the potential harm caused by consuming them. They also insist that an education program for children is necessary to inform them of the health risks and repercussions of ingesting these substances. Children should also be educated in identifying junk food.

The number of people smoking in Australia is decreasing and have dropped to 12 percent of the population who like to light up. Smoking is a major contributor to poor oral hygiene and can lead to serious health issues and even cancer.

Apparently, the statistics for Australia are not too bad in comparison to the rest of the world – but we can always strive to do better. Don’t hesitate to book into Dental Avenue Maroubra and get yourself and your family a check-up and avoid running the risk of costly and painful dental procedures in the long run!