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Dentist Journal

Dental Caries: A Preventable Condition

Dental caries, also known as cavities are quite common due to the modern diet that is full of sugary foods that create bacteria that eats away at the teeth. Dental caries or cavities may be identified by the discolouration of teeth and the person affected may also have pain and soreness while eating. If dental caries are not treated they will get exponentially worse and may result in inflammation of the tissue around the tooth or even worse you may lose your tooth.

How Does it Work?

Bacteria in the mouth is the main culprit when it comes to dental caries. The acid from the bacteria dissolves the enamel on the tooth (the hard-protective layer) and eventually breaks down the actual tooth itself. The acidic bacteria formed is directly related to sugar intake. It is produced to break down sugars that are stuck the teeth and in high volumes can be detrimental to your oral health. Dental caries can also be a precursor to a host of health problems, such as diabetes and should be tended to as soon as possible.

Luckily for those that have dental caries, they are treatable and preventable.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Obviously, prevention is better than cure and there are a number of ways to prevent dental caries.

The things you eat have a great effect on your oral health. A diet consisting of the consumption of vast amounts of sugar is a sure-fire way to get dental caries regardless of how often you brush. Try to avoid sugary foods and processed food in general, as it will result in a build-up of bad bacteria and acid that will lead to dental caries.

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Dental hygiene is a necessity to keep dental caries and the dentist away. And let me tell you it involves more than just eating an apple. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day to prevent tooth decay. Flossing is also imperative. Should you floss your teeth? The answer is only the ones you want to keep. Rinse your mouth after eating sugary foods to clean your mouth or wait half an hour after eating, then brush them.

Always go to the dentist for regular check-ups and while you’re in the chair, you may as well get your teeth professionally cleaned. It’s a simple procedure that takes no time at all and is worth it in the long run to avoid dental caries.

If you do have dental caries they will have to treated by your dentist to prevent further decay and erosion. At this point, you should probably consider some lifestyle changes such as your eating habits to avoid more visits to the dentist.

So many people have dental caries because of poor dental hygiene and bad diets. The good news is that dental caries are preventable by taking precautions and having regular check-ups at your dentist. So if you are suffering from any of the symptoms, book in for a check-up at Dental Avenue Maroubra.