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Dentist Journal

Why It's Best to Go Local for Your Health Care Providers

Do you go local for your health care providers? Whether it’s your doctor, your dentist, your optometrist, your dermatologist, or any other health professional, you may be seeing one that is many, many kilometres away.

Whether it’s by choice – perhaps a friend recommended them to you, or simply because you used to see them when you lived in a different suburb, we’ve all been to see a healthcare provider that’s been quite out of our way.

If you’re still consulting with a healthcare professional that’s further than a stone’s throw away, then maybe you should think twice before your next visit and check out somewhere local instead.

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No long commute
We all know how annoying long drives are, especially in some of the traffic that we see around Sydney! Nobody wants to have a long drive just to go to a 30 minute appointment. Road rage is real, and sitting in a car for such a long time can make the best of us grumpy. Not only that, but petrol is expensive these days. If you have a 1 hour journey to your appointment and a 1 hour return journey, isn’t it better to not be spending that cash on petrol?
It takes less time for your appointment all up
Because we’re spending less time driving to our appointment by going local, we’re spending less time out of our day dedicated to just one appointment too. The beauty of going local is that we can also run other neighbourhood errands either before or after our appointment. You can do the weekly shop after you hit the dentist, head on over to the post office to do some mailing that needs to get done, or even catch up with a friend for a spot of afternoon or morning tea.

Strengthening the community
By going with a local provider, we are strengthening your community. Not only is money going into the community, but you’ll also find that most healthcare providers also do community outreach programs, and the more that we use local services, the bigger and better they’ll be. You’re probably even likely to run into friends and neighbours down at your local doctor’s surgery and can have a spontaneous catch up!
If you’re in the Maroubra area, then you should have a look at the local healthcare providers available to you. Dental Avenue Maroubra are a friendly, local team who service the whole of the Eastern Suburb area. We love meeting new clients and also strengthening the bonds of our awesome growing community. If you need any dental services, then pick up the phone and book in an appointment to see us.