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Dentist Journal

What Do Healthy Gums Look Like? Tips for Checking Your Dental Health at Home

How can you tell if you have healthy teeth and gums if you don’t know how to spot them? That is the issue that we’re tackling in this week’s blog post. When you look in the mirror are you able to spot how healthy your mouth is? Do you know the markers of gum disease? Are you able to tell when is a good time to pay the dentist a visit?
Here are some good little checks that you can run at home to see whether your gums are in good shape or not.

Swollen Gums

First up, take a good hard look at your gums. Do they look swollen? You can check this again a picture of healthy gums found easily on Google Images. Swollen gums are a sign that something is not quite right.

Receding Gums

Do your gums look like they are higher than they used to be? Higher gums or receding gums are another sign of poor gum health and will require a check up.

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Wobbly Teeth

If you have all your adult teeth already then having wobbly teeth is a sign that something is not quite right. A wobbly tooth or wobbly teeth could indicate tooth problems, or it could also indicate gum instability. It is important to assess the reasons behind that wobbly tooth.


One of the most common ways to spot gum disease is by noticing that your gums are bleeding, either while brushing, flossing, or even just pressing your fingers against them. While a very small amount of bleeding is considered safe, it’s when more bleeding is noticeable that you should start to be worried.
A proper check for bleeding will involve flossing properly with some white floss so that you can see if it comes back pink or red from each tooth. Floss each tooth individually. If more than 15% of your teeth come back as bleeding, then it’s time to head to the dentist for a check up. Ideally, you want to have less than 5% of your teeth coming back as bleeding from this floss test.

If you are experiencing any one of these symptoms, or you have a feeling that things just “aren’t quite right” with your gums, then your first line of action is going to be booking into the dentist for a check up to see what’s going on with your teeth and gums, and whether there are any major or minor issues.
Dental Avenue Maroubra offers customers first class dental care services and are ready to help you with maintaining healthy teeth and gums or addressing any outstanding dental issues. Our friendly staff are on hand to help, so call and make an appointment for your check up today.

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