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Dentist Journal

Tips Every Invisalign Patient Should Know

Invisalign is a dental procedure used for straightening teeth without the use of conventional metal braces. Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear plastic retainers to move and straighten your teeth. The procedure can be a little more expensive than conventional braces and will vary depending on the complexity of the treatment required. Some tips for caring for your teeth while undergoing the treatment are necessary in order to make sure you’re getting the most out of the treatment and that your teeth stay clean and healthy throughout.

Your Diet May Be Affected

When undergoing Invisalign treatment, you may have to change your diet. It is recommended that only drink water when wearing your aligner. If you do drink other beverages, it is a good idea to remove your aligner, drink it fast, then brush your teeth and put your aligner back in. Always remember that you won’t be wearing your aligner forever.

Take A Little Extra Time When Caring for Your Teeth

Take extra time brushing and flossing your teeth after meals before reinserting your aligner. This will ensure that your teeth will stay strong and healthy throughout the treatment. When your aligner is in your teeth will be covered and soaked in whatever is on them, so it’s essential to thoroughly clean and floss them.

You Must Wear a Retainer at Night

Even when you have completed your Invisalign procedures, you must wear a retainer at night to hold your teeth in place. You should do this for six months after, or as advised by your dentist.

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Aligner Upkeep and Maintenance

Cleaning your aligner is quite easy. Merely remove the aligner and brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste. It is also recommended to clean them with a mild denture cleaner to ensure you’re a healthy happy mouth and gums.


The cost of Invisalign is generally a little more than generic metal braces. It is advisable to contact your dentist and discuss prices as they tend to vary from different manufacturer and can range in price.


You should start seeing results from your aligners after two or three months, although some people have reported not seeing any results until at least six months. The total length of the treatment required will depend on the severity of your individual case. There are products on the market that can accelerate the process, but it’s always advisable to consult your dentist before using them.


Another bonus of Invisalign treatment is that you are able to whiten your teeth without fear of interfering with the procedure. The aligner trays can be used in conjunction with other products to whiten your teeth. Again, always consult your dentist and together you can come up with a whitening strategy that is best suited to your needs.

Invisalign is a great way get that perfect smile and worth considering over metal braces when it comes time to straighten your teeth. Contact us at Dental Avenue to hear more about Invisalign!