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Dentist Journal

Some surprising developments in modern dentistry

Why are so many people afraid of their dentist? What are some of the things that worry you when your tooth starts to ache? Maybe you’re thinking about the pain of treatment or the swelling of your jaw afterwards. Or maybe you’re more uneasy about those strange dental instruments. Could be you’re just concerned about your breath.

Fortunately, dentistry has come a long way since the middle ages, and we’re all the better for it. Did you know that in the 1500s barbers doubled as surgeons and dentists? You could have your hair cut, your tooth extracted, and your mole removed all at the same place. Luckily for us 21st-century citizens, that doesn’t happen anymore.

In fact, modern dentistry practices have taken all the unease out of your dental visits. Want a gorgeous set of teeth without the teasing and hassle of ‘railway lines’? Try invisible braces. Invisalign is a trademarked technique that works faster than traditional braces.

With Invisalign, you only need about a year of treatment. It works on teens as well as adults, so it’s a popular treatment. Invisalign is a set of clear or transparent teeth alignment tools. They are fully removable, so you can take them out when you want to eat, drink, brush, or floss. This makes them easier to maintain than regular metal braces.

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Invisalign is specifically measured and moulded to fit your teeth, so it’s fully customised. Every two weeks, your dentist will fit a new set of aligners to match the growth and adjustment of your teeth. He/she will usually give you two to three sets per visit.

While many people want beautiful teeth, they are wary of braces because of their distinct appearance. Braces can also cause a lisp in some dental patients. Plus, patients have to avoid foods that are harder to scrape off their braces. Brushing after every snack isn’t fun either.

Invisalign overcomes all these challenges. They’re invisible when you smile, you can take them out when you brush, you can eat whatever chewy snacks you want (as long as you maintain good dental hygiene), and they’re customised for the shape of your mouth, teeth, and tongue, so they won’t change the way you talk.

Squeamish about dental drills and spinning turbines? Ask your dentist to use lasers instead. The machinery looks strange, but it’s more sci-fi strange than torture-chamber strange. Think of it as having a skilled Jedi use a tiny lightsaber to fix your teeth.

Laser dentistry is mostly used for soft tissue dental work. It can painlessly remove painful flaps of flesh that are blocking your wisdom teeth. This lets the teeth settle comfortably in the mouth, gets rid of any gum pockets where bacteria and food might hide, and prevents infection. Laser dental work heals faster, with less swelling and minimal bleeding.

Lasers can also brighten your smile by shaping your gum line to improve the appearance of gums that ride too high or sink too low. Lasers can be used diagnostically as well, to identify any issues in your teeth and gums that need repair.

To learn more about advances in dentistry and what they can do for your teeth, call our Maroubra Clinic on 02 9344 8822.