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Sleep Dentistry

Pain-free treatment while you sleep!

Dental Avenue offers different forms of sedation for a wide range of treatment applications and situations

Cases where appropriate / beneficial

  • Patients who are dental phobic, suffer from anxiety or fear, or who simply don’t like the smells & noises associated with dental work
  • Patients who need extensive treatments ideal for time-poor patients and business people who can elect to have most/all of their treatment completed in one session
  • Complex or multiple treatments all restorative and cosmetic work plus various types of dental surgery can be carried out quickly and painlessly
  • Patients who have difficulty with normal treatment due to issues such as sensitive teeth and gums, strong gag reflex, small mouths, or who don’t always go numb.


Sleep Dentistry

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry provides you with plenty of benefits such as:

  • You’ll be allowed to sleep through the entire process.
  • You can often have multiple treatments completed in one session.
  • You’ll be relieved of possible discomfort associated with long and complex procedures.
  • Children and adults alike can have most dental procedures performed via sleep dentistry including fillings, crowns, multiple extractions, removal of wisdom teeth and implant placements.
  • You will be in a dream-like state, though you will remain conscious and responsive

Sleep dentistry can make your next dental appointment simple and worry-free. For more information, speak to one of our dentists in Maroubra at our Maroubra dental clinic.