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Dentist Journal

Reasons to Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Oral care is something that often gets neglected because the damaging effects are a slow process. But in reality, poor care can lead to many health issues. Most people are unaware of the potential health problems they can experience with an unhealthy mouth. A dentist in Maroubra with Dental Avenue can inspect and handle any potential issues before they become a bigger problem.
Aside from that, there is much more to it than gum disease, gingivitis, and plaque. An unhealthy mouth can cause sickness, headaches, toothaches, heart issues, upper respiratory infections, and so much more. Here are several reasons to maintain a healthy mouth.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a condition where the gums and the teeth-supporting bone get inflamed. The gums can turn red and begin to swell, but also have the potential to bleed. Bacteria forms around the tissue that touches the teeth and leads to swelling. The bacteria develop a film known as plaque, which turns into a hard substance known as tartar. Tartar goes down below the gum where the teeth connect and it creates periodontal disease. Once the tartar goes under the gums, a professional dentist needs to clean it. Our dental professionals at Dental Avenue Maroubra can take care of it so that the development of periodontal disease does not occur.
The more extreme issues that can occur from periodontal disease include:

  • Loose or fallen teeth
  • Gum separation from the teeth
  • Loss of bone

Cancer in the Mouth

The teeth and gums can experience harmful damage, but it occurs through a very slow process. This is why it is so easy to skip brushing the teeth and other needed care from time to time. Periodontal disease and tooth decay can possibly lead to various forms of cancer in the mouth or throat through virus infections.

Respiratory Diseases

Since the mouth is warm, humid, and dark, it provides a breeding ground for bacteria. An unhealthy mouth makes it easy for it to thrive. Because of this, the bacteria develop a biofilm on the teeth, as well as all soft tissues related to speech, chewing, and swallowing. Periodontal organisms have been known to cause aspiration pneumonia. In addition, the accumulation of oral bacteria can put you at risk for pneumonia.

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