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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry – Providing you a comfortable dental treatment experience

Are you looking forward to increasing the strength of your dental fillings and bonding? Do you feel scared while going to the dentist? If yes then switching to laser dentistry might be the right solution for your problem.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry provides a modern, innovative, and overall more comfortable approach to dental care. The drill has traditionally been the dentist’s go-to tool, but it is invasive and causes an unnecessary amount of patient discomfort. When a laser is used, patients are more comfortable and relaxed. Laser therapy in dentistry provides patients with a more comfortable dental treatment experience. Using laser dentistry, your dentist is able to deliver a precise treatment that is more comfortable, quicker, and provides more stunning results.
Dental lasers use a concentrated beam of light energy to effectively contour or eliminate tissue. It can be used for a variety of dental procedures ranging from surgery to the extraction of tooth matter for restoration. Dental lasers are fast and effective while also reducing the need for local anesthesia in most procedures.

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Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are many benefits of laser dentistry, which include:

  • Decreased appointment duration
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections and bleeding
  • Minimized bleeding and swelling
  • Less pain, and faster recovery time
  • Reduced discomfort (during and after procedures)
  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissues, compared to traditional techniques
  • Moderated or eliminated need for local anesthesia (in most cases)
  • Faster healing and recovery

Under the care of our experts at the Maroubra dental clinic, you can discover new and less invasive ways to optimise your dental health. For more information on how soft tissue laser can improve your smile, contact us today.