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Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease Treatment

Dentists are doctors for your teeth, or so you think. While dentists do a lot to fix your teeth, brightening your smile isn’t restricted to fillings and enamels. Sometimes, your dentist needs to work on your gums. Because they anchor your teeth, hold them in place, and control your blood supply, unhealthy gums can lead to serious teething problems.

The types of issues that can affect your gums include swelling, infection, tartar build-up, gingivitis, and periodontitis. These all sound rather scary, but you don’t have to worry. Our dentists in Maroubra have been resolving dental issues for years, so you’re in good hands.

One of the best approaches to gum challenges is laser dentistry. Depending on where you grew up, you might associate lasers with zinging battles in outer space, or maybe high definition printers. Lasers are now increasingly being used in the medical field, with applications ranging from facelifts to eye surgery, and now soft tissue dental work.

When a dentist refers to soft tissue, he or she is talking about your gums. While lasers can be used on your dentin and enamel, they’re more frequently applied to the more delicate sections of your oral cavity.

For many patients, the eruption of wisdom teeth is their first and only visit to the dentist. Although adults can have up to 32 teeth, their mouths are often so small that they can only comfortably hold 28. So when the final four molars are ready to come out, the patient will experience a lot of pain as their teeth and gums shift to accommodate these new tenants.

As the gums shift, they sometimes create a flap. This flap might trap food and bacteria that can lead to infection, so it might need to be dislodged. Other times, the tooth comes out partially, causing pain and discomfort on the gum. These are two issues that can be resolved through laser dentistry.

The partially exposed tooth can be released by applying lasers to the gums. If there are other muscles that are causing pain when you move your mouth to talk or chew, a laser can be used to resolve that as well. Though it sounds agonising, laser treatment is gentler than other forms of dental surgery, and recovery time is much faster.

If you have gum tissue that is inflamed, infected, or overgrown, laser dentistry can be used to remove it from your mouth in a quick, clean, precise procedure. Lasers can also be used to reshape deformed gums, for example in cases of cleft palates. These are extreme cases though. In regular dental practice, lasers can be used to adjust gums that ride too high or too low on tooth surfaces.

In addition to contouring, lasers can be used to perform biopsies and diagnose deeper oral issues. Laser dentistry offers the patient less stress than a standard dental visit – they will be more comfortable, and won’t swell as much.

If you’d like to apply some non-Jedi lasers to your teeth and gums, call 02 9344 8822  to get more information and book your appointment with one of our dentists in Maroubra.

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