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Dentist Journal

Is It Normal For Kids To Get Fillings?

Is It Normal For Kids To Get Fillings?

Most people don’t know whether or not fillings are suitable for children. The thought of your child returning from the dentist with a filling can be worrying and discouraging, making you second guess your parenting skills and wondering if you have done something wrong. However, there’s no need for anxiety if your child does need this dental treatment. It’s normal for kids to get fillings, with studies showing that up to 60% of children below the age of 12 require them.

Luckily, your kid doesn’t have to be one of these statistics. Instead, you can protect them against cavities by instilling proper oral care habits.

Here are some valuable tips to ensure your child doesn’t require fillings.

Limit Consumption of Sugary Foods and Drinks

Frequent consumption of sugary food provides excellent conditions for the proliferation of bacteria. The bacteria release acid that erodes the enamel and causes cavities. Sugar also accelerates plaque build-up, increasing the risk of further dental complications.

Children have a sweet tooth which creates difficulties in restricting their sugar intake. However, you can encourage healthier alternatives to candy and sodas, such as fruits, salads, and yoghurt. If you give your kids sugary snacks, it would be better to give them at one single time rather than spreading them all through the day. You must make sure to brush their teeth afterwards.

Encourage Oral Hygiene Practices

Kids need supervision when cleaning their teeth until they’re seven years old. If they are too young to hold the brush, do it yourself. Once strong enough, encourage them to use gentle circular motions for effective brushing.

It’s also essential to make the process enjoyable. Allow your child to choose their preferred brush and create games. More importantly, purchase appropriate flavoured toothpaste, as standard options might taste sour.

Emphasise the importance of brushing at least twice daily, especially before sleeping and try to encourage flossing at least once every day.

Teaching healthy habits from a young age reduces the risk of developing oral problems in adulthood.

Arrange Dental Visits

Although brushing and flossing are effective, your kids need occasional professional cleaning to diminish the risk of getting cavities. For this reason, it’s wise to book a dental appointment every six months.

Some schools invite dentists over, but these appointments are usually inconsistent. It’s best to book the visits yourself, especially if you think your kid needs special attention. Personal visits are significantly better because the doctor has more time to attend to your child.

Encourage Water Drinking

Do you know that drinking water reduces the risk of getting cavities? Water washes away food remains and dilutes the acid that corrodes teeth. Ensure that your child drinks a lot of water, particularly after eating sugary food.

Moreover, water improves overall well-being. This means that your child will have strong immunity, allowing for a quick recovery if they undergo oral treatment.

Wrapping Up

Don’t despair if a doctor recommends fillings for your child. After all, cavities affect many kids worldwide. The best you can do as a parent is cultivate proper oral care habits that lower the risk of cavities.

If your child complains about their teeth, visit us at Dental Avenue Maroubra. Our friendly maroubra dentists have extensive experience with children and cutting-edge equipment that guarantees quick recovery.

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