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Is it Normal for Kids to Get Fillings?

Are fillings in children normal or not? It can be difficult to tell. If your child comes back from the dentist telling you they need a filling you might be somewhat mortified. However, many children require fillings from cavities. 3 in 5 children under 12 will require a filling according to the ACFF.

While many children will need to get fillings, it is up to parents to help prevent cavities in children by ensuring their dental habits are up to scratch.

To prevent fillings in children, you should follow these guidelines:

Limit sugar in their diets

Excess sugar helps to breed bacteria in the mouth, which in turn, cause cavities. Sugar is the main culprit of excess plaque and acid in the mouth which eat tooth enamel. Many children have a sweet tooth which can make this difficult. Limit sugars to healthy fruit, and avoid sugary snacks like lollies and drinks such as fruit juices with extra sugar and soft drinks.

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By encouraging healthy eating habits early you can avoid dental issues later on down the track.

Ensure correct brushing and flossing

It is up to you to ensure that your children are brushing and flossing correctly, and this many even mean standing next to them at the bathroom sink every morning and evening while they brush and floss their teeth. There are that many children that when asked, “Have you brushed your teeth yet?”, they will say no, even when they mean yes. You might even like to brush and floss your teeth at the same time, to make an occasion of it.

Take them for regular check ups

Did you know that if teeth are regularly cleaned and descaled, then the chances of forming cavities is rapidly diminished? Taking your child for regular dental check ups can help to keep their oral health in tip top shape.

Is it Normal for Kids to Get Fillings

A lot of the time, dental check ups are arranged through their school, however if you think that your child needs extra care, or extra check ups, then you should book them in to see a dentist of your choice for those in between times.

If your child needs fillings it is not the end of the world. Many children require fillings, even those who have already got their adult teeth in. What is important, if your child requires a filling, is to ensure they don’t need any more again, by stepping up their dental health, both at home, and with regular check ups.

If your child is ready for their next check up, come see us at Dental Avenue Maroubra. Our dentists have a wealth of experience in kids teeth and we can help set them on the path to a lifetime of dental health.

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