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Dentist Journal

How to Help your Child on their First Dental Visit and Overcome the Fear

How to Help your Child on their First Dental Visit and Overcome the Fear

Your child’s first dental check-up is an important milestone. Encouraging your child to have healthy teeth and gums from a very young age can ensure they don’t suffer from issues in the future. It can also set your child up with positive associations helping to create a healthy relationship with dental care practices and regular check-ups. Follow these helpful tips for a smooth first visit to your kids’ dentist Maroubra.

Start Early

Around your child’s second birthday is an ideal time to schedule their first dentist visit. If, however, you have any concerns or wish to have your child’s mouth examined by a dentist beforehand, it is not uncommon for children’s dentists to treat younger patients.

Ensure that your dentist is comfortable and experienced in dental services for children. The more regularly a dentist treats young patients, the more likely they will have strategies and techniques that will help make the appointment a happy and positive experience. Children’s dentistry is its own skill set. A pediatric dentist receives additional training to handle small children and provide them with a comfortable environment. If your child is experiencing fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist, then advise the dental clinic beforehand so they can make extra efforts to make the child comfortable.

On the day:

  • Come prepared with any questions for your Maroubra dentist;
  • Bring along your child’s comforter or favourite toy; and
  • Stay calm and happy – your child will feed off your emotional state.

Create positive associations

Children learn through play. Role-playing a visit to the dentist is a fun, easy and engaging way for children to process information and build confidence about their visit to the dental clinic Maroubra. Walk them through the procedure of a dental visit. Each of you should have a turn at playing the dentist and the patient, and turn soft toys and dolls into patients too. There are many helpful books and resources available to help support learning about dental care at home.

Frame information through positive words to help create positive associations. Avoid negative words such as “won’t hurt” or “not painful”. Instead, tell a child that the dentist is going to see their smile, count their teeth and help keep their teeth healthy and strong. That’s it. Reinforce the importance of proper dental hygiene in children from a very young age. They should be aware of the basics like twice-daily brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits.

A first visit to the dentist can be an enjoyable experience and help establish a positive and healthy relationship with oral care.

Dental Avenue Maroubra will help make your child’s first visit to the dentist an exciting and positive milestone. Our expert team of dentists will help support you and your child through the process. Contact us now to book an appointment or make an inquiry.

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