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No Drilling Option

It is a new and innovative procedure in dentistry. A revolutionary phase has begun in the technologies practiced by the dentists to protect the tooth at an early stage. Earlier, dentists used to put the fillings in the infected tooth or decayed tooth. There is a discomfort and uneasiness in this procedure and one may require numbing cream or spray before the procedure begins.

Now there is a procedure to treat the tooth decay at an early stage without using the drills and unnecessary needles. This new technique is known as caries infiltration. A special resin is used to fill the tooth to form the original structure of the tooth. It gives back the original shape and size of the tooth. The technology strengthens and stabilises the structure of the tooth without drilling.

This entirely new revolutionary approach of treating early decay such as “white spot” lesions on teeth can now be treated by using a special “resin” that infiltrate the structure of your tooth. This technique, known as caries “decay” infiltration, is considered as a major breakthrough globally in “micro-invasive or conservative” dental technology that fills, reinforces, and stabilizes tooth structure without drilling or sacrificing healthy tooth.


No drilling thanks

Not all tooth decay can be treated without drilling. To find out more about your treatment options including our “No Drilling Options”, ring or visit our Maroubra dental clinic to reserve your space.

About No Drilling Options