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Dentist Journal

Frozen Drink Rethink

People living or travelling in Victoria recently may have been a little surprised at one of the ad campaigns currently being pushed around the city by health agency LiveLighter. The “Don’t Be Sucked In” campaign is presently city-wide and focuses on frozen drinks.

Frozen drinks, such as frozen Cokes from places like McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks, plus Slurpees from 7-11, have been heavily promoted and discounted in recent years from their sellers. You will have noticed their campaigns, such as the free Slurpee day, or the $1 large drinks from the fast food giants. While these drinks are certainly a bargain, the aim of the “Don’t Be Sucked In” campaign is to highlight how bad these drinks can be for your health.

The campaign is not wrong. These drinks are no different from other soft drink beverages which are full of sugar. In fact, if you take a McDonalds large Frozen Coke for $1, you’ll find that the drink contains no less than 14 teaspoons of sugar – which would take you 45 minutes of vigorous walking to burn off. The drink itself is equal to consuming 5.2 icy poles.

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While frozen drinks may be okay for a treat every other week or month, it’s consuming these type of beverages regularly that can have unfortunate effects on your health. The campaign itself focuses on how consuming huge amounts of sugar regularly can contribute to weight gain, there is a lot to be said for the amount of sugar in these drinks contributing to tooth decay.

While there is a trend away from consuming lots of soft drinks in recent years, the uptake in frozen drink consumption is noticeable. The drinks are particularly popular over the summer, as they provide an easy way to cool down. However, there is nothing wrong with having a glass full of ice topped up with cold water – with zero detrimental effects to your health.

Tooth decay is real and often caused by over-consumption of sugar. Come to Dental Avenue Maroubra for a check-up to see how your teeth are going and assess your dental health. Keep those teeth in good shape to avoid problems later in life – and reconsider that Frozen Coke.