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Dentist Journal

Five Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

When you hear the word ‘cosmetic’, you probably think of plastic surgery or beauty products. And when you think of dentists, it’s likely you’re dreading the pain of root canals and wisdom tooth extraction. That’s not all dentists do though. They can offer you painless, corrective procedures that can make you smile, literally and figuratively. Cosmetic dentistry is common among celebrities (and brides-to-be), but it can do a lot for you too.

1. Plug the holes

Filling cavities isn’t strictly cosmetic. Depending on how far the cavity has gone, it could end up being an emergency procedure. But on aesthetic levels, you probably know artists that ‘bling their mouths’ with silver and gold. Neither product is as popular as it used to be, especially among dentists. We’d rather use a tooth-coloured crown or no-drill resin. In a sense, it’s cosmetic, because those dark brown spots and black holes are really not pretty. Similarly, you could have bridges installed to get rid of that unsightly ‘no tooth’ effect when you smile.

2. Get the right shade

Speaking of tooth-coloured hues, there are far more than fifty shades of white. So rushing for an over-the-counter oral bleach might leave you looking unnatural. That entirely beats the purpose of cosmetic dentistry. So if you don’t like your off-coloured smile, we can offer you tooth-coloured restorations. Rather than overhauling your entire mouth, we’ll identify the stand-out tooth and tone it to match the rest of your smile. It works well for spots and chips, and is far less invasive than other forms of whitening.

3. Flash a proper grin

Of course, if all you want is a traditional sparkle, we do have safe whitening procedures. They won’t work on crowns or fillings, so you may still want tooth-coloured restorations for those particular teeth. Combining these procedures is useful, because rather than bleaching, we lighten your teeth by several shades. So we can easily take that individual crown and match it to the whitened ones. The ‘whitening’ procedure itself happens in three safe, non-invasive steps. Ultradent won’t damage your enamel like some whitening products do … but your teeth will re-stain of you don’t look after them, so you may need a new lifestyle to go with your new teeth.

4. Straighten your dental curves

In old-timey books (and romance novels), a ‘crooked grin’ is considered cheeky, charming, and quirkily attractive. In real life, we prefer our teeth straight or at least aesthetically carved. So when your teeth lie at weird angles, you could consider braces to repair the damage. Conventional braces are cumbersome, fussy, and potentially embarrassing, so we keep ours invisible. Invisalign are a series of ‘invisible braces’ that work in half the time taken by traditional metal braces. And the best part? No one can even see them when you smile!

5. Fill in the gaps

In some parts of the world, ‘mapengo’ and ‘kibogoyo’ are unpleasant nicknames given to ‘toothless’ six year olds when their milk teeth fall out. And even as an adult, missing teeth can be a source of self-conscious-ness and discomfort, both aesthetically and functionally. We offer dental implants made with a titanium base and a porcelain crown. They look, work, (and brush) just like real teeth, and are largely non-allergenic.
For cosmetic dental procedures that will brighten your smile (and your life), call Dental Avenue Maroubra today on 02 9344 8822.
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