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Dentist Journal

Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign

We are not all born with beautiful teeth and being unhappy with your smile can make an impact on your social life. Crooked teeth or unsightly gaps are known sources of low self-esteem, but with such variety of orthodontic treatment options on the market, a lot of people still miss out on the opportunity to receive a bright and beautiful smile due to the fear of having to wear conventional fixed wire appliances.  Thankfully a new product has emerged the market, and there is now a modern alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign is a favoured option by many adults because unlike braces, you can’t see them. The removable plastic tray is customised to fit in the patient’s mouth and as the aligners are made of transparent material, they are almost impossible to notice. The modern version of braces is a popular option nowadays due to its aesthetic appearance and possibility to straighten crooked teeth without the standard display of wire. Patients using Invisalign often speak about the comfort benefits as there are no sharp corners like traditional braces, that sometimes irritate gums and cause abrasions of the cheeks.

Furthermore, there are also fewer dental visits to be scheduled during the process. The most significant benefit of choosing Invisalign is that the aligners are easily removed for eating and drinking and, most importantly, for dental care. To ensure your trays are bacteria and germs free, the aligners can be soaked in a special cleaner or a mixture of soap and water.

The revolutionary braces work best if only removed for meals and dental care and remain in the mouth about 22 hours a day. It is the patient’s responsibility how long he or she leaves the trays out a day but keep in mind that if left out for too long, the break can prolong the treatment process. A reason why it is advisable not to let young children use this alternative to traditional wire braces as they might not be responsible enough with the freedom the product permits.

Invisalign braces are custom made, and once the measurements are taken at the dental clinic Maroubra, the lab creates individual sets for the patient to use and change every fortnight to help the teeth shift and straighten. To swap the current set of aligners the patient will need to see a dentist in Maroubra every eight to ten weeks.

For the patients with minor dental issues, Invisalign might be a welcomed alternative. Unfortunately, the ones with more serious dental needs will probably still need to wear conventionally fixed brackets.

If you have any questions about Invisalign, consult us today and we will schedule an appointment to walk you through the steps towards a brighter smile.

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