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Dentist Journal

Improve Your Smile Teeth Whitening

The 4 Best Ways To Improve Your Smile

At our Maroubra dentist, many of the procedures we perform are cosmetic dental procedures. People are constantly looking for new ways to improve their smile confidence. A smile can be beautiful, and maximising your visual appearance can help you smile more freely and often. So, how can you improve your smile, and what procedures are […]

Preventing childrens sport dental injuries

Should I Be Worried About My Children’s Teeth When Playing Sport?

We get many questions from parents who are anxious about the safety of their children’s teeth. You’re not alone if you’re concerned about your child injuring their teeth. When our children play sports, they are at risk for injury, especially when it comes to their teeth. So, we must implement protection to ensure they can […]

An Overview of Veneers

An Overview of Veneers: What Are They, and When Are They Required?

At our dental practice, we see many patients every week asking how they can improve the appearance of their smile and get that ever-sought-after celebrity grin. Some of my patients ask whether they are eligible for veneers – and what the process of installing veneers involves. Are you considering having veneers fitted? Keep reading as […]

dentist in maroubra

How To Protect Your Kids’ Teeth At Every Age: 8 Tips

Here at Maroubra Dental Clinic, we see patients who worry daily about their child’s oral health. The abundance of sugary foods and beverages available to children can cause great concern about children’s oral health. Are you interested in learning how to protect your kids’ teeth at every age? Keep reading as we discuss the best […]

8 Ways To Look After Your Oral Health During The Silly Season

8 Ways To Look After Your Oral Health During The Silly Season

At our Maroubra dental practice, the best service we can provide for patients is to give them the tools and advice to take care of their teeth at home. When the silly season rolls around, we remind our patients of the seasonal dangers to their oral health and how to avoid festive fun that comes […]

What’s Involved in A Dental Clean Appointment? The 5 Main Steps

As dentists, we get questions from patients daily, asking how they can better care for their teeth at home. Although you can improve your oral hygiene in the comfort of your home, you may need additional help and care to keep your teeth healthy throughout your lifetime. A professional dental cleaning can help ensure your […]

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