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Dentist Journal

What causes bad breath?

Some people worry about having bad breath – even though they don’t have it, while others who have bad breath don’t even realise it. Bad breath varies depending on the source and the cause of bad breath. It’s hard for you to work out how bad your breath does – or doesn’t smell, so ask […]

How early should you consider braces for your child?

Braces are an interesting concept. A patient agrees to have a strange-looking set of teeth for a year or two in exchange for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. In the past, they made wearers the target of teasing and unpleasantry, but these days, even adults wear braces. The concept behind braces is that they will […]

Why Some People Have Thinner Gums Than Others

The most known dental disorders are cavities, tooth decay and mouth ulcers. Many people are unaware that thin gums can also be a problem, despite it being a common issue. It has several adverse effects like other oral complications, but it is treatable if you visit a dentist early enough. Thin gums are also called […]

How to tell if your kids have sensitive gums

One key question that you might have for a Parramatta dentist concerns your children’s gums. Certain statistics claim that all children get gingivitis at some point in their lives, so how do you know whether your child might be affected? Let’s start by defining gingivitis. It sounds like a really scary term, but it basically […]

Signs Your Child May Need Braces

Braces are a necessity for many children around the country, and indeed around the world. Braces are worn from months to years to help to shift teeth in the mouth and bring them into correct alignment. This can not only make the teeth look more “normal” but reduce the risk of ongoing dental problems later […]

kids dental

Is It Normal For Kids To Get Fillings?

Most people don’t know whether or not fillings are suitable for children. The thought of your child returning from the dentist with a filling can be worrying and discouraging, making you second guess your parenting skills and wondering if you have done something wrong. However, there’s no need for anxiety if your child does need […]