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Dentist Journal

Christmas Teeth-Saving Tips

One of the main downsides of the holidays is the Christmas Bulge. With all that binge-ing and not much exercise, it’s easy for a few kilos to sneak in. Then January arrives, and you try to shed them with a gym membership and New Year’s resolutions. While the extra weight will come off eventually, the […]

Study reveals it's less about genes more about environmental factors

A lot of our bodily processes are driven by genes. For example, some people genetically have fast metabolisms, so it takes a lot for them to gain weight. That doesn’t mean they’re incapable of gaining weight; it just means it’s harder for them than it is for others. However, even with their inbuilt fat-burning machines, […]

Sugary drink alternatives for kids this summer

Sugar can be harmful, for both your health and your teeth, especially in children, after all as parents you are the ones shaping your child’s future and their pattern of good eating and healthy drinking right from the start. It’s up to you when – and if – you start introducing sugary drinks into their […]

Why the New Year is a Perfect Time to Fix Your Smile

Bounce into the New Year flashing your biggest grin, finally happy to show the world your gorgeous new smile! It all sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? The New Year is the perfect time to get onto all those things that you never seemed to get around to in 2017. Instead of shying away from New Year’s […]

Some gum-damaging habits to lose

Some conscious or unconscious habits can lead to gum damage. This can lead to loosening your teeth by damaging gingival fibres and tissues. In an oral cavity, teeth are placed in their sockets located on the dental arches and are held strongly by gingival and periodontal fibres. That means to have teeth strongly placed in […]

Eating habits that will hurt your teeth

Eating is a guilty pleasure that is cherished by most of us. Apart from food being fuel for our bodies, it acts a mode of soul satisfaction, the journey of food starts from our oral cavity by the action of chewing and transmittance of taste from taste buds on the tongue to the receptors in […]