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Dentist Journal

Common dental issues

Pain is the reason most people visit a dentist in Maroubra. Unfortunately, by the time it hurts, the damage could be bad. But if you visit the dental clinic regularly, trained dentists can spot your dental problem much earlier costing you less pain and money on the long run.
Let’s look at some examples of common dental issues.


Whenever we experience bad breath, we assume it’s something we ate, or blame it on forgetting to brush. So many people have bad morning breath that it’s seen as something normal, especially if you didn’t brush or floss before going to bed. Meaning your bacteria were feasting on food remnants all night, leaving you an unpleasant morning mouth.
But bad breath can have a deeper cause, like xerostomia (zeer-uh-stoh-mee-uh) known as dryness in the mouth which can be caused by cavities, gum infections, or even cancer in your mouth. So, if you find yourself gargling mouthwash throughout the day with no relief, it may help to find a dental clinic. Maroubra residents may be interested in looking us up, and we can walk you through the process.

Sores in your mouth

Sores aren’t necessarily dental related. They could be caused by biting your inner cheek, catching a Herpes Simplex infection, or not wearing a mouth guard during sports. The typical oral wound heals itself within a week or two, but you still can’t be sure what caused it.
It may help to see a dentist, if only to rule out dental causes. It could be a scratch from your braces or dentures. It can even be a sore from a store-bought night guard. Your dentist can run through the possibilities to find the source – and solution – of your sores.

Disturbing sensitivity

A lot of us write off that ‘brain freeze moment but for teeth.’ It hits when we sip hot coffee, bite into ice cream, or brush with tingly toothpaste. Often, it’s a mild annoyance we’ll ignore. But while it could be harmless nerve irritation, it could also have a more serious cause, like a cracked dentin or sub-surface infection. It needs to be diagnosed and treated before it gets worse.
If it’s a basic sensitivity issue, your dentist will do a professional polish to get rid of built up tartar – the kind your brush can’t scrape off. Then they might suggest using a special sensitivity toothpaste. But if it’s a more serious problem and ditching the iced tea and hot soup doesn’t help, it’s best to catch and treat it early. It might be an abscess, even if you can’t feel it yet.

Stained teeth

Stains are the most common cause of cosmetic dental visits. It might be a fluorosis issue from childhood, a discoloured crack in your enamel, or the results of a lifetime of leisurely wine and nicotine. These are all easily fixed – whether you opt for tooth-coloured restorations, three-step whitening, or porcelain veneers. Our dentist in Maroubra can advise you on what’s best for your teeth.
For more information on common dental issues, and to get some of yours resolved, called Dental Avenue Maroubra on 02 9344 8822 and book your appointment today.