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Dentist Journal

Change your smile, change your life

You probably don’t think too much about the impact of your smile, especially if you’re the kind of person that gets a lot of compliments. But if you’re someone that is not as confident with their smile and used to hiding your smile behind a raised palm. You’ve probably mastered the art of giggling in silence, or laughing unobtrusively, because you don’t want to draw attention.
What you may not have considered is the impact on the rest of your life. When you first meet someone, before they even notice your clothes or your posture, they’ll watch the way you smile. It tells them whether you’re approachable, and whether they’re welcome.
Worse, if you adopt the habit of ‘never showing your teeth’, people around you may think you’re stern and overly serious. This can have a negative effect on potential friendships, dating scenarios, or even job interviews. If people misinterpret your aversion to smiling as unfriendliness or aloofness, it can close off a lot of lucrative opportunities.

Inviting smiles

Fortunately, opening those unknowingly locked doors is as simple as visiting a dental clinic Maroubra is a good starting place, because we have a dental clinic here, and we can advise you on the best solution to your tooth problem.
If you have a stain on a single tooth, you may think whitening is your only option. That is not the case, you may be advised to go with a tooth-coloured restoration. It will match that one discoloured tooth to the rest of your smile, making you way less self-conscious. But if the staining is more widespread, then you can try our three-step no-pain whitening treatment.
Whitened teeth can re-stain though, especially if you continue the habits that stained your teeth in the first place (smoking, wine, coffee etc.).

Straightening things out

Sometimes, the source of your dental discomfort is a little less straight-forward, pun intended. Spacing problems lead to crooked teeth and an imbalanced smile. But you may be worried about braces and extractions. Invisalign offers the perfect solution. These ‘invisible braces’ work faster than traditional metal braces – they’re effective in half the time, and you can barely see them.
Our highly trained and experienced dentists will speak to you about how often you need to wear and change your aligners for.
To find out more and get that life-changing smile, call Dental Avenue Maroubra today on 02 9344 8822.
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