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Dentist Journal

Can You Be Too Old To Fix Crooked Teeth?

There are no age limits when it comes to fixing crooked teeth and many people undergo correction later in life. At Dental Avenue Maroubra we put the smile on your dial, regardless of your age.

Some people live with crooked teeth for most of their life and other people’s teeth can become crooked later in life due to their teeth growing abnormally creating a crooked smile. Luckily there are a variety of options to straighten your smile.

The first step is to come and see us for a consultation and we will give you a range of options to fix your smile. Let’s take a look at some of the options available.


Everybody has heard of braces. Braces are used to correct a variety of orthodontic problems. Depending on the severity of the problem will depend on which orthodontic apparatus you require. Braces are commonly used and can most problems although they may not be necessary. There are many types of braces varying in style and complexity.


Retainers are like a mouthguard that is worn and can be easily inserted and removed by the individual. These are generally used for small corrections and are a cheap and non-intrusive way to fix your smile. Retainers will slowly but surely realign your teeth to the desired location. They can be also after your braces are removed to help the process along.

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Invisalign is a series of aligners or retainers tailor-made to fit your teeth. In the process, you will progress through a series of aligners that will gradually straighten your teeth. The dentist makes a mould of your mouth and then creates aligners that progressively straighten your teeth. Over the course of the treatment, you will be given a series of aligners that are, as the name suggests, almost invisible. They are a great method for correction as they will not interfere with daily activities such as eating and speaking. They can be easily removed and cleaned by the individual and are a preferred method of orthodontic correction rather than braces due to their invisible like appearance and ease of use.

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures such as veneers and implants are also an option when it comes to straightening your teeth. Implants require removal of the tooth then fixture is set into the jawbone where a new faux tooth can be attached to. This sounds like a painful procedure but luckily you will be unconscious throughout the whole thing.

Veneers are attached to the existing tooth and are usually used to cover malformed teeth. They are made of porcelain and are another option to fix your smile.

Regardless of your age, here at Dental Avenue Maroubra we straighten your smile and have you beaming those pearly whites brightly to the world. It’s just a matter of booking in a consultation and one of our professionals will guide you through the process that is best for you.