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Dentist Journal

An Overview of our General Dentistry Services

In the past, removing a tooth or curing a toothache was an unfathomable nightmare and an experience nothing short of unnerving to any who was unfortunate enough to land in such a predicament. Dental care has dramatically improved over the years and evolved with technological advances into a very comfortable place combining state of the art equipment with top-shelf service delivery for a vast range of patient needs.

Typically, it is advisable to go for a dental check-up at least twice a year. However, sometimes, one would be quick to argue that after brushing and flossing twice a day, every day, why incur an extra cost? Well, great dentistry is not just a regular spring cleaning of your oral cavity, it is that and much more. Combine that with a vast array of techniques tailored to taking care of anything from any unfortunate contingencies to fashioning a dream smile. The possibilities are immense.

That said, dentistry services can be divided into general, cosmetic, preventative and emergency dentistry services. Preventative has to do with a regular check-up and clean that will leave your mouth looking and feeling pristine. Emergency dentistry deals with prompt remedies to issues like serious aches, breaks or even accidental knock-outs, while cosmetic, in a nutshell, deals with enhancing your smile.

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General dentistry has to do with the day to day care and maintenance of our enamel-coated companions. Let us go through what that entails. First off, there is a latest in cutting-edge technology, which is Laser Dentistry. It uses lasers which induces a reaction with the gum to vaporise it, a method used since the 1990s to provide one the most comfortable alternatives for patients undergoing soft tissue treatments. Along with a variety of uses, its benefits include minimal trauma, bleeding and swelling as well as a more comfortable patient experience and an improved healing response.

Yet another, is denture fixing and maintenance. Dentures offer support for facial structures as well as facilitating the processes of chewing, swallowing and talking for patients with missing teeth.

Next is installing, repairing crowns, which are custom-crafted tooth-like caps that fit over teeth which are damaged to restore them to working condition. It mimics the shape of real teeth and can be fitted to suit your other teeth seamlessly. In addition, similarly utilised in this regard are objects known as bridges, which consist of two anchoring crowns joined in the middle by a pontic (a fake tooth or section of teeth), used to replace missing teeth, fabricate a smile and restore the function of mastication or chewing to the teeth. Such marvels are in use every day to help with whatever your dental needs may be.

Last to mention are root canal therapy, which saves infected, damage, non-vital or decaying teeth, and handling of tooth fillings which seal a tooth against decay or repair damaged teeth, methods which are nothing short of amazing.