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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Tooth Syndrome, also known as CTS is where there a minute cracks in the tooth that are often under the gum or are undetected by X-rays. These cracks can occur from excessive gnawing or grinding of the teeth and often affect the back molars as they often take on most of the workload. Teeth […]

Common Cosmetic Dentist Procedures

Keeping your pearly whites pearly white can be tricky with our fast-paced lifestyles and dietary intake. Cosmetic dentistry is common in today’s society. Your smile is one of the first noticeable attributes when meeting new people and will invite them in making you more approachable. Simple cosmetic procedures can enhance your life, you will not […]

All About Oil Pulling for Dental Health

What is Oil Pulling? Have you heard of the practice of oil pulling but perhaps you’re not entirely sure what it’s all about? Oil pulling is a traditional remedy used in Ayurvedic medicine that uses oil to clean and remove bacteria from teeth and gums and is also said to whiten teeth. The method for […]

Dental Report Shows That Only Half Of Australians Brush Their Teeth Twice A Day

Yes, that’s right – only half of Australians are brushing their teeth twice a day, and tooth decay is common. 90 percent of Australian adults have varying degrees of tooth decay and can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking. Also having an unhealthy diet is also one of the most […]

The Say Brushing Teeth Twice A Day Is Important, but When?

We all know that we’re meant to brush our teeth twice per day. One common question that people have regarding brushing, however, is when the best time throughout the day is to get in your two sessions. Brush Before Bed Dentists will tell you that the most important time to brush is just before heading […]

8 Habits That May Be Damaging Your Teeth

Keeping your pearly whites pearly white is and in good condition is a never-ending struggle. Habits you may have picked up on the journey that is life may be damaging your teeth. Those little quirks may be partly responsible for the need for regular trips to the dentist. Here are eight habits that may be […]

Dental Health Advice for Primary school children (5-12 years)

Maintaining dental care to prevent tooth decay is vital to your child’s overall health. Good oral hygiene starts with teaching your child a daily teeth-cleaning routine to keep teeth and gums healthy. The best times to brush teeth are first thing in the morning after breakfast and right before bed, as after meals is when […]

Natural supplements that can help your oral health

The benefits of food supplements have been explored in many areas of human health. One area that hasn’t been mentioned much is dental health. Certain supplements can give you stronger teeth and a whiter smile. Usually, when people think about oral health, they mention fluoride. It’s been known to reduce tooth decay when it’s offered […]

Wear a mouthguard to play safe

The importance of a mouthguard is often underestimated. In some sports like rugby, boxing, or hockey, nobody doubts their value. After all, even with their mouthguards in, players still end up with broken lips and bloody jaws. However, in other sports, the mouthguard can be easily taken for granted or ignored altogether. Mouthguards serve a […]

The truth about diet and oral health

It may seem obvious that what you eat affects your oral health. After all, it comes into direct contact with your teeth. The truth is a little more complex though because food doesn’t enter your digestive system in the same form that it touched your lips. Not many people realise that digestion begins in the […]