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Eating habits that will hurt your teeth

Eating is a guilty pleasure that is cherished by most of us. Apart from food being fuel for our bodies, it acts a mode of soul satisfaction, the journey of food starts from our oral cavity by the action of chewing and transmittance of taste from taste buds on the tongue to the receptors in […]

Why Some People Seem to Be “Born” With Good Teeth

We all know that person. That person with a set full of super straight, lovely and white teeth, and the perfect size chompers. While sometimes it’s an indication of some perfect teeth caps, sometimes it’s just because they are a fortunate person. So were these folks born with good teeth? Or is it from something […]

Can you get your teeth whitened if you have gum recession?

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic process that lightens your teeth and removes the stains from the teeth. This aesthetic procedure has become one of the most popular dental procedure. Whether it be college going teens, bride or groom, or mature adults, everyone looks forward to teeth whitening. As it is getting more popular day by […]

Common senior dental health issues

One of the first things people think about when they think of seniors are dentures. That said, the better you take care of your teeth, the longer they will stay healthy, and the later you will need artificial ones to help you speak and eat. In many senior patients, dental problems are not a separate […]

Common senior dental health issues

Aging gracefully comes with its ups and downs. And dental health issues isn’t something that should fall to the wayside when ageing. It’s during this time that frequent visits to the dentist are imperative to keep you smiling, comfortable and pain-free. Visiting the dentist is a scary outing for the majority of us. It’s a […]

Good Dental Habits to Embrace

Our teeth are with us for life, unlike that ex that you wonder why you were with in the first place or that old skirt that you wonder why you bought at all. And because your teeth are with you for life, that means that you need to take care of them to ensure that […]

When do baby teeth normally come through?

The simple answer to this question is that there’s no “normal” time for your baby’s teeth to come through. But, there is a rough timeline that you can refer to which will help you keep track of your baby’s teething progress. Please keep in mind that this is merely a rough guideline as it’s perfectly […]

Can you get wisdom teeth in your 30’s?

The last permanent teeth to erupt are wisdom teeth – or third molars, they usually erupt around the ages of 17 and 20, with at least 90% of 20-year old’s having at least one wisdom tooth that hasn’t erupted, or has only partially erupted. Wisdom teeth can continue to erupt up until the age of […]

Some surprising developments in modern dentistry

Why are so many people afraid of their dentist? What are some of the things that worry you when your tooth starts to ache? Maybe you’re thinking about the pain of treatment or the swelling of your jaw afterwards. Or maybe you’re more uneasy about those strange dental instruments. Could be you’re just concerned about […]

Sports most likely to cause damage to your teeth

As we head into the summer months, children and adults alike will be back on the playing fields and be enjoying a wide range of summer sports. It’s a great time to be enjoying the outdoors; however, there are some sports (more than others) that can prove to be dangerous for your teeth. Here are […]